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Taking place in a safe and fun learning environment, our children’s football programmes are not just about learning to pick out the top corner. We tailor each course to also help develop life skills such as teamwork and confidence.


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Whether your business is struggling to attract participants or you want to improve the quality of your training, give us a call. Planet Soccer is always looking for franchisees to provide programmes throughout the UK.


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About Us

Even the best footballers started somewhere, and our children’s football courses are the perfect place to begin your child’s training. Planet Soccer is a football school that conducts training programmes and courses throughout the UK. Our coaches have extensive experience in football and will help your child become a better player. However, our programmes are about more than just football. They help to promote and encourage other important aspects, such as working as a team and being active, fit, and healthy. Our staff have more than six years of experience in the industry, and aim to ensure that children always have a fantastic time and develop their social skills. For more information about our programmes or to sign up, give us a call.